Sunday, July 31, 2016

Drive It Like

Your Valet stole it for you.
Bentley Brooklands
I like this Bentley Brooklands, hiding in the alley in Beverly Hills. I liked them generally when thy were new. I like this one because it's been driven. It's imperfect.

It has a dented fender, because L.A., man. It's got paint chips and or bugs, because, on those rare days where traffic is sane, you just have to let that big V8 stretch its legs. The driver side headlight washer got smacked around. The chin spoiler has learned where the over steep ramps and over height curbs are. This is no trailer queen, despite being a couple decades old.

What to Drive

when your Dad works at GM and everybody in the family that graduates college gets a new GM car

Saturday, July 9, 2016


I love my new 2016 Ford Focus.I don't love that it had a cooling system infarction on the highway today, one day before my first payment is due. Ninety minutes on the side of I17 in 115 degrees was not the introduction to Ford Roadside Assistance I hoped for. And now it sits at Chapman Ford, waiting for Monday. And I sit at home, having missed the service/rental car window by 30 minutes :-(

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The one about how much the world has changed.

A million years ago, it was the summer of 1982. The Reagan economy sucked, and people still remembered OPEC I and II enough to be wary of buying cars they might not be able to find (or afford) fuel for.
Don Seelye Ford needed to unload some slow moving inventory before the 83s rolled in. The base, stripper, loss-leader 1982 Ford Escort "L" 5-door was one such car. I cruised the car lots like I did with my dad, and met some perky young pup named Tony, who REALLY wanted to sell me a car. He had one in mind that i just had to try out: that Escort. It had a heater, an AM radio, and windows that went both up AND down. Power nothing - not steering, not windows, not locks. Not engine. But, it was "only" $5500 and some change.

Farrah Fawcett's 1979 Lincoln Continental

She didn't just drive crappy little Mustang IIs. Haven;t found corroboration, but that was the story told by the guys driving this to the Pavillions. It's from a local collection. Certainly, not everybody could get one in Tangerine and tan. 
Farrah Fawcett's 1979 Lincoln Continental

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Standard of the World

of Walmart. 
Cadillac Seville
After 35 years, I a, starting to dig these cars. I hated them so much when they came out. Wrong drivetrain - weak engines and FWD.  The styling was such a confused mess of current Cadillac and a throwback to a car they never made, with the most awkward C-pillar I had seen. All that incongruity surrounded an overstuffed cigar lounge. Nothing was understated. nothing was nimble.

But now, it's kind of funky, in its post-apocalypse livery.