The adventures of

Heart Surgery

Know Your Enemy

Elaan of Troyius

Maryvale, 1947

Uh-oh. Better call

Metro Transit


You can't hide

Bo and Luke Found

Capri Sun

Get Off My Desk

What a difference

See you on the other side, Ray

Civil Servants

Pirate Treasure

Stay Classy, Phoenix

Something to ponder


The Standard of the World

The one that didn't crash

Denver, 1996

American Exceptionalism?

Now it Cuts Like a Knife

Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?

You Will Believe

Some days, C/D nailed it

I'm Reminded of the Guy

Name That Car

For Sale: 1955 Chevrolet

I Hate Car Dealers

The Bread and Circuses Incident


The Prisoner of Zenda

At the Sign of the Cat

The Ever Growing Throng

Mrs. Kuhn