Sunday, December 15, 2013

Personal Luxury and High Performance

Both in one car! Or Neither!
Buick Regal Limited T-Type
1 - Make up a performance-sounding badge

In the late 1980s, your firends at Buick were desperate for an identity that resonated.  Buick was for 60 year olds, but those people die off. They wanted a younger crowd, buyers with sophistication, whose appetite for performance could be sated with a turbo and some stinking badges.  Enter the T-Type...
What is a T-Type?  Well let's just see:

Buick Regal Limited T-Type
2 - Deselect the vinyl roof.  Wheels are nice too

Buick Regal Limited T-Type
3 - Add the corporate turbo 3.8L and some "aero" skirting.
Buick Regal Limited T-Type
4 - High Performance requires a digital speedometer and an engine badge so you know what you're driving

Buick Regal Limited T-Type
5 - and a console, to make your loose pillow leather bench seat into high performance "bucket" seats.

Mission accomplished. You've turned Dave's dad's middle management ccompany car into a thinking man's 320i. Nice work, Buick. I'll take two.

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