Spied in the Side Yard: 1980 Ford Thunderbird

Another day, another survivor, sort of.  It's not clear if this still runs.
Who in Dearborn thought this was a better idea? It could have been. It almost was, but...
1. Shrinkage. This wasn't just 79 to 80 Lincoln Continental, this was like 78 to 86 Eldorado.

2. Don't go cheap.  Bad color combos.  Base cars get plate wheel covers? Uninspiring roofline.
1980 Ford Thunderbird  3.  Sweat the details.  Look at the front cap bumper molding - it is flush with the fender.  Now look at the rear below.  The molding is different on the cap.  And, it in no way flows together.  D-ooh!  And WTF with the window frames?  This is the cheap roof - we get it.  Even so, do we NEED to see the body colored frame inside the chrome molding, especially on the rear? Way to disguise the Fairmont underneath.
1980 Ford Thunderbird
  You do realize that the taillights are more like 77-78s than last year's, right?

Oh, what could have been, if they started here, and then went for glory.


  1. would make a sweet street style vintage nascar cruiser bein its a fox body. Lookin at one now with a 302 HO roller cam motor with a transplanted 5 spd. basic stock looks but hunkered down a bit, fat tires at all 4 corners with the cheapo black D hole steel wheels, nascar style rear spoiler of the era, remove side chrome but keep the rest. sort of a luxo-nascar cruiser. I can see it in my head and dig it.

    1. Sounds great. Maybe a new color too, and lose the front plate.


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