Guest Post: Modern Cars: Touring vs. Performance Tires – What’s Your Pick?

By Olivia Kane
The purpose of the tire is mainly to act as a cushion between the road and the car. Most of the tires available today are pneumatic, which means they are oval shaped and made of inflated wires and cords. They are mainly made from rubber and fabric. There is also inclusion of compound chemicals. However these chemicals may differ among different rubber manufacturers. While buying tires, one quickly notices whether it is performance tire or touring tire. The type required depends on the need, quality of car, terrain and other factors. Both the tires are different. Rubber machinery produces many different types of tires but its main production is performance tires, touring tires and all season tires. The different types of tires emerge due to the required needs of the drivers.

Touring tire and its features-The different types of tire have been recently manufactured. They are not the same as other tires. This tire provides a high level of comfort which is above the regular models.
• These ties usually provide a high level of speed handling.
• They offer better and smoother ride
• These tires cannot be classified under performance tires but provide much better traction in the rain and in winter season.
• They give excellent and outstanding tread wear.
These touring tires are usually found in many luxury cars, minivans and SUV’s. For high driving, these touring tires are best solution to go with. Rubber machinery has earned a lot of profit from the production of touring tires for luxury cars.

High performance tires and their features-
High performance tires are not needed in any average car. These kinds of tires are best for sport cars or else for people who do a lot of car racing. • These high performance tires have softer rubber compound than the other kinds. • The softness provides better traction quality control. For sports car, this is the most important factor. • The high performance tires have increased road contact and thus the cars go faster. One of the weakness of performance tires is that they do not last very long as people tend to work them very hard. Recently racing has become a major sport globally. Because of this rubber machinery has began to make more of performance tires in larger bulk and thus make huge revenue.
Touring tire and high performance tire-
Both the tires have their own importance and have specific features. It is difficult to analyze and decide which one is better between the two. It depends upon the requirement of every individual. If one prefers for increased comfort, then he/she should opt for touring tires, where as if someone is choosing tire of high performance on high or for racing, then he/she should opt for performance tires. The pick between the two should be according the needs and requirements.
Hence both the tires have their own importance as well as draw backs. While buying tires, one must keep all the features and requirements in their mind so that they choose accordingly.
About Author
Olivia is a motoring enthusiast who is really stick with modern cars. She just recently concentrate on rubber machinery and products.