Well, i guess I am not going inside after all...

Facebook to the rescue again.
  • Josh ****** Why is it that you charge to get in your dealership and still won't let anyone take pics ...??? When I purchase a Ferrari it will not be in Vegas which would be cool ... It will be at a dealer that had more respect for me when I was window shopping 
  • Penske Wynn Maserati Josh, we apologize for the any inconvenience that our policies may cause. Since our dealership is a part of the Wynn hotel we are expected to follow the rules and regulations that have been put in place. We are happy to show you any of our makes/models but in order for us to keep in good standing and continue to have our dealership in a great location we must adhere to the rules. Thank you, Penske Wynn Maserati
I went there with my camera in 2009 - they had a Ferrari FXX. Yeah baby!
Ferrari FXX Penske Wynn Ferrari Maserati

I didn't go inside, because"WHAT?!?!? $10 to walk inside a car dealer? WTF?"

I went back each of the three subsequent trips to Vegas for SEMA.  I had heard things about spicy Italian tarts on the lower floor (no windows), but what was upstairs (Maser coupes, 430s, 458s) was lame and pedestrian for my $10.  I could see that stuff trolling the Strip for free.  I didn't notice any "no photos" sign in '09, but that might have been due to the immediate shock of a cover charge with no SEMA-type models showing off the cars.

Nowhere on their websites, dealer or resort, do they state these "rules" or "policies."  (as of today, as far as I could find.)

Personally, I think it's just continued dickishness of Ferrari dealers, projected onto the resort as a symbiotic fake scapegoat.


  1. Perhaps I could just sell my not-so-used Toyota Fortuner to be able to buy a ferrari car just like this one. So that, the auto loan I will be availing will not be that much cargo for me to pay.

  2. That is a very nice photo. Do you took many pictures of it or is it just this one?

  3. Funny that I didn't notice how beautiful a FXX is until this time. I think one of the best thing in touring is seeing new cars on display or parked on the roadside and dreaming of owning one of it too.

    1. Personally, i think it's ugly, in a brutish, monstrously powerful, more car than I could hope to handle sor of way.

  4. Talk about a bit of freeloading and over-assertiveness on the dealer's part. I wonder how it would be if they were just an aftermarket parts dealer staying at the same space; I bet he wouldn't have the same attitude.


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