Cars & Coffee: How to fit in - Scottsdale style

Bentley Azure
Eat the Rich

You're off to a good start:
  • Cell phone glued to ear?  Check.   This is a prerequisite, with no exceptions.

  • Oblivious to everything outside of personal space?  Check.  This is a prerequisite, with no exceptions.

  • Foofy purse dog? Check, but that is supposed to go with your plastic enhanced trophy girlfriend.

  • Used Bentley, so you look like established money?  Check.  We would have accepted a generic overpriced SUV if you had kids.

  • Safe colors? Check.  Don't be controversial.

  • Safe colors?  Check. Your outfit and dog match the car, in a Garanimals kind of way.

  • McMansion?  I'm guessing so.
The trash bags though? Carrying your own?  What the fuck, dude?  "That's what Scottsdale has Mexicans for." - Joe Arpaio