Brother can you spare $4,500?

1979 Lincoln continental
Do me baby

1979 lincoln town car mint.

Dear Craigslist sellers.  Can you just say the real price instead of being cute with prices like "$45" or "$1"?  Is that 100s?  1,000s?  I can guess, but there are so many stupid bastards with inflated senses of worth that I just don't assume anything.


  1. I would agree. There are many time's I am looking for a vehicle on Craigslist and these people try to be sneaky just so you look at the vehicle they have for sale. But I do have to say that car there is a classic.

  2. [...]FWIW, I have no explanation why my life keeps coming back to big Lincolns and Ford wagons.  It certainly must be mere coincidence.  Yeah, that could totally be it. [...]


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