What to drive

Pontiac G8

Phid grows up and buys Godzilla to outrun these assholes.
Yes, it has a Hemi, that you're about to pay for


  1. I'm thinking a blower may be added. at least an exhaust that some one can hear.

  2. I agree on the blower (I thought it came with one). I understand the exhaust, but given the prick cops that infest your location, why call attention to yourself? A performance enhancing system? Sure. Loudness for its own sake? Bring a stoic Swedish dude for when the cop tells you to step out of the car.

  3. Looks like $7000 plus labor for the supercharger to get about 525 hp at a modest 7 pound boost. To cam or not to cam, that is a question.

  4. Can't you just bolt in one of these

    And stick the goat engine in your truck?


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