Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Bad news about the Ridgeline

Today's episode of Car Talk

The 2006 Honda Ridgeline is based on the Honda Pilot.  The Pilot is based on the front wheel drive Odyssey platform.  The evil marketing people at Honda call what is really an AWD system, like on an Escape or an Aztek, "four wheel drive" and the product planners make them all 4WD so nobody has to own up to it being an FWD with extra traction.  I followed a Pilot the other day and its got the same rebar-looking driveshaft in the rear as the CR-V (another FWD/AWD SUV car).

Buy it for looks, but it is a g** d***ed minivan with a trunk.  It is not a truck, and changing the definition of "truck" to make it fit will only fool those who are stupid or don't care.